Trill Language Learning from our current #Program11 is now live! If you are in #Berlin and want to learn languages in a new and engaging way, download the app now. Trill will teach you automatically based on your location and your surroundings 🤓 #ASPnP #portfolioLOVE #LearnLikeAKing

Trill Language Learning
Welcome to “Trill”!
A new, fun and engaging way of learning languages.

Learn German vocabulary by discovering Berlin. Simply put on your headphones and go out, explore the city. Take a walk through the busy streets or go jogging in the park. “Trill” will teach you automatically, based on where you are. Just have the app running in the background and your headphones on. No screentime required!

Discover lessons on the map. Download packages with routes and subjects that are most interesting to you.

Oh did we mention.. it is also healthy and more efficient way of learning!
More info @
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November 15, 2016 at 06:40PM

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